Our story

FOLLYGRAPH  is a small design studio and publishing company that specializes in infographic posters suitable for framing. The core of the company is our founder - Grazyna Maniecka, who spent years balancing between science and art. She always thought that she must make a choice. After years of struggle, it turned out that this can be reconciled. Infographics were the solution. Beautifully designed, brilliant, inspired by the world around us. 
Our studio is a complex organism. We choose a topic, gather information, filter it, sketch, draw, trace, illustrate, check, proof, check again and finally we print it. That's how a poster is being made. Perfect for your walls! 
We are located in a stunning UNESCO World Heritage town - Torun, Poland. The company  tries to act in accordance with the principle of 'Think globally, act locally'. Our paper is manufactured with the Northern Europe in one of the most environmentally-friendly paper mills in the world. We print it all here, right around the corner, for the best quality. Only the coffee we drink is Italian - energetic ristretto.


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